Tomorrow is the launch of LITERATURE ALIVE Festival 2013

Literature Alive is a two-week festival that will breathe life into literature though a series of events that aim to encourage children and adults to get involved in activities that promote an appreciation of books and reading. The festival is hosted by Stonnington Libraries with programs presented by NEEF Australia’s Children’s Literature Australia Network and sponsorship provided through the City of Stonnington’s Arts and Culture Sponsorship Program.

The festival program includes The Maurice Saxby Mentorship Program for emerging children’s authors and illustrators, storytelling and illustration workshops for school children, and the launch of two new children’s books: Little Dolphin by Mark Wilson and Ferret on the Loose by Heather Gallagher.  Members of the public are invited to attend the events listed below.  All events and exhibitions are free to attend.

I’m a lucky recipient of the 2013 Maurice Saxby Mentorship and can’t wait for the week to unfold. I have an individual mentorship session with the amazing writer and illustrator, Anna Walker. I get to visit Books Illustrated, the Children’s Collection at the State Library of Victoria, Readings Bookstore in Carlton and visits two publishing houses: Allen & Unwin and Penguin.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the launch of LITERATURE ALIVE Festival 2013

  1. jessesmess

    Hello Nerida! I am loving your blog, and am now following. I’d love to learn more about the Maurice Saxby program – it sounds great! How and where does one apply?! 🙂

    1. A little Birdy told me... Post author

      Hi Jess, thanks for dropping in. You can apply for a Maurice Saxby Mentorship through the NEEF website through CLAN (Children’s Literature Australia Network). But I’ve just had a look at it and it appears to be under construction or something. I can’t find it there.This is the web address anyway, You could call the number on the website? I actually think you might be too late to apply for this year. They usually announce the people who’ve been awarded a mentorship in November (and the Mentorship is in May the following year). Do it next year. It’s well worth it. Good luck 🙂

  2. Ian McMullin

    Goodluck my love, I hope it all goes well 🙂 Have fun. Ian (husband) McMullin

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