Welcome to my blog…a little birdy told me…

You can expect interviews about children’s writing and illustrating, fiction, book reviews, poetry, art and life and footy and much, much, more!

The coolest things happen to me all the time. The idea of my blog is to share some of these experiences with you. And you never know, you might learn something new, or it might be thought provoking or even inspiring.

I hear a good story and I just have to share it. I can’t keep a secret either, but lucky for me…

…a little birdy told me…

“Hey, it’s not me who can’t keep secret, it’s my friends who I tell!”

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Leanne Regan

    What a wonderful opportunity Neridah. It is such a joy to read of your experiences, and the enthusiasm you have for gobbling up every moment.
    Lots to do now ……….where to begin……….enjoy it all. Leanne

  2. Krista Bell

    Hi Neridah, Well done! Thought you’d like to know that I have just completed the final edit on my book with One Day Hill called BURNING THE BAILS: The Story of the Ashes, which will be published in November with stunning illustrations by Ainsley Walters. Thanks for connecting me to ODH via your launch in 2011.

    1. A little Birdy told me... Post author

      Hi Krista, lovely to hear from you. I’ve heard nothing but good things about your new & upcoming book ‘Burning the Bails’. One Day Hill are an amazing new publishing house and Ainsley is very talented artist. I’m looking forward to your book launch. Keep me posted. Happy writing 🙂

  3. Tracey

    Brilliant. I can’t wait to here what the little bird told you. Tell me stories, dazzle me with art, inspire me to dream…

  4. Lynette Bade

    Enjoy your mentorship love. It’s well deserved. Love from Port Fairy. Mum x

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